The launch of SWISS FASHION TV is based on the initiative of the Swiss National Fashion Chamber:  an organization which right from the beginning has had the goal of protecting and promoting the market in the areas of fashion, creativity and luxury. Thanks to the coverage from national and international events and reports of FASHION UNDER THE STARS – FASHION WEEK “MADE IN SWITZERLAND and SWISS FASHION WORLD PAST PRESENT AND FUTURE “MADE IN SWITZERLAND”, “Swiss Fashion TV

Guarantees to those who work in this sector, but also to fashion enthusiasts, the access to an informative multimedia platform of high quality, constantly updated and presented in an agile manner and open to wide interaction. The content that is covered include a variety of matters: from the newest collections by stylists from around the world to the coverage of events, from the best fashion shows to commercial advertisements, without forgetting interviews with people active in the brands or in other creative fields. The coverage of the international scene is guaranteed by relationships with different worldwide Fashion capitals. Currently “Swiss Fashion TV – Swiss Fashion World Magazine” has several million connections on its own platform and gives visibility on designer and own supporters.

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